Big Meadows Ski Trail

Download a Big Meadows Trail Map


The trailhead is located southwest of South Fork on Highway 160, at 11.4 miles, on the right, on the Big Meadows Reservoir Road. CDOT plows an area for skiers to park here.


The ski trail is located in the Rio Grande National Forest in the eastern foothills of the San Juan Mountains. During the summer this is a road that provides access to various areas in the National Forest including Big Meadows Reservoir, Shaw Lake and Hunters Lake.

The trail starts off on fairly even grade, corsses a bridge and then maintains a realatively easy ascent to Big Meadows Reservoir and then loops through the Big Meadows Campground. The trail is appropriate for all levels of skiers. It is easy enough for beginners with some nice flat areas to work on basic technique, and some variable terrain for skill-building. Intermediate or advanced skiers might make two or three laps to get a strenuous workout.

The length of the entire trail system is about 4.3 miles round-trip or 7.0 kilometers.